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A month after the GameOPS re-launch...

"The only thing constant is change" - some wise guy.

Hi guys! I'm your resident editor for GameOPS Rocky to give you the inside on what's new with GameOPS. If you're familiar with the site then you know that we've already gone to several site revamps.

GameOPS started as a dream project for Jepoy and me 7 years ago. We were eating our snacks after an afternoon of pure gaming (Super Mario World, YuYu Hakusho on the SNES, and Fear Effect on the PlayStation) and started having a conversation on how cool it would be to have a website featuring our own video game articles.

We had lofty ideas back then and directly wanted to rival an already established gaming website called GameFAQS... man were we over our heads! So just like that it started, I was the dreamer, Jepoy was the hand that shaped GameOPS. Although our site had a predecessor called igad's video game hotspot... The dream was finally visualized using a MS Notepad and MS Paint and uploaded on GeoCities. Hey, I think Dreamweaver and Photoshop is still beyond Jepoy's comprehension during those days :P

Our pre-launch composed of popular games during that time (Pokemon if I remember correctly) things quickly went sour after that due to time constraints (no contributions) ... okay it was my fault! heck I just wanted to play more! Through Jepoy's effort we were able to keep the site up and this lead to an official launch of GameOPS, with us borrowing Mario 64's famous tagline "On July 2000 dinosaurs will fly".

Kewlness personified if I say so myself... same problems ensued and after much effort launched. We were forced to stop in late 2003.

Recently Jepoy and I had a discussion about GameOPS and how it rock our world back then... We got to talking again about what we did right and what we did wrong. It occurred to us that we were trying so hard to create a game site when in fact our interest have developed to other fields like anime, music, online gaming, superhero movies and other stuff (Maria Ozawa *droools*). Thus came the decision, If were gonna do this then were gonna have fun doing it... and guess what so far, its working on the newly re-launched GameOPS.

We've definitely miss Jay, one of the original founders. Just can't forget how he wrote the Pinoy Video Games. But hey, we found diamonds in our newest victims... I mean members in Karlo and Siopao, and from what I'm hearing there's more.

So I'm here to introduce the new GameOPS to you guys... we now have tons of new topics and articles to discuss not to mention videos we want to share.

To recap since April 13,2007 we have been able to do some kewl stuff we've never manged to do before like get to the number 14th spot in Pinoy Top Blogs (even for just a day) just 2 weeks from the formal relaunch... We've been accepted as member of the Games Press... Big gaming websites like MaxConsole and Engadget linked to our articles... FHM and Girl Gamer Sofie Garrucho is our latest featured gamer... with those said, I'm finished. C'mon guys i haven't finish the original ninja gaiden yet...oh and were not Nintendo fans... really:)

And by the way, we have reposted half of our archives!

Here's to one month of keeping dreams alive!!! LONG LIVE GAMEOPS!



  1. you shouldn't have bothered to relaunch your ugly website punks. I just came from a crappy and copy-pasted pinoy video game website and here I am again to another wannabe website. Geeezzz...

    If you're really the 1st site, how come I haven't heard your name before?

  2. @ayhategays - I'm sorry if you did not like the new design of the site. Compared to our original design, we've trimmed down the on-screen items to lessen the strains on the eyes of our readers. Copy-pasted? Are you talking about the gaming site of a broadsheet? :~)

    Maybe there's no internet in your cave? Okay, just kidding.

  3. not that shitty website, there is another. And that shitty rat ass website deleted my comments. I am now creating a website that I will shove up their asses. Just wait and see.

    I don't live in cave you cunt.

  4. we have a troll.. weeeeeee!


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