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Escort Service to Respect: Keanna Reeves’ Take on Personal Choices

Keanna Reeves, a Filipino actress, has recently shared her experience as a former escort girl and the realities of the escort service in show business. In an interview with, she admitted that she once worked as an escort girl due to financial needs. However, she also acknowledged the negative impact of her past decisions, especially in terms of losing people's respect.

Although Keanna acknowledges the impact of her decision to become an escort girl, she does not judge those who are in the same industry. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of respect and not being a hypocrite in society. In her opinion, the respect of people is earned by one's behavior and not their job.

Keanna also revealed that many celebrities, both male and female, engage in the escort service or "booking" as it is commonly known in show business. She explained that the more popular a celebrity is, the higher their market value becomes, and that is why many of them use their names for the escort service. However, she also warned that engaging in escort service could lead to losing people's respect in the long run.

Keanna's advice to fellow celebrities is to use their popularity wisely and avoid doing things that can ruin their reputation. She believes that there are other ways to earn money and respect, such as working hard and finding legitimate opportunities.

In conclusion, Keanna's story is a reminder that people should always choose to do things that will give them respect and dignity in the long run. She acknowledges the financial need that pushes some people into the escort service, but she also emphasizes that people should not be judged for their choices. Keanna's experience teaches us that there are other ways to earn a living, and it is always best to choose the path that will make us proud of ourselves in the future.


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